Panagbenga Festival Day 1, Baguio City, Benguet // 22 Feb 2014

Panagbenga, Baguio
Panagbenga, Baguio


Panagbenga, BaguioImage


BORACAY // 27-29 September 2013


This was a quick escape from the daily grind just 2 days after a major launch we worked on for 2 freakin’ months. My 2nd time in Boracay. Last time I was there was summer of 2010. Going to Bora during the rainy season apparently adds a layer of these tall structures made of wood, plastic and nets that are installed to block the gust of wind and sand on their way to the establishments. Nevertheless, my friends and I were lucky that we got a lot of sun-time there; the previous weeks were mostly rainy according to the locals.

In any case, Boracay will always be beautiful and alive and, if need be, quiet. Spent most of my time there with my friends just hanging out. Read a book. Gazed into the sea. Ate everything in sight. Had a massage. Did nothing which is what I do best. :))






















LIWASANG BONIFACIO, MANILA // Labor Day Rally // 1 May 2013

I’ve wanted to take pictures of rallies for some time now; I think it’s because of all the emotion that come with them. There would just be so much to see and take pics of. It just dawned on me a day before Labor Day that it may be my chance to try it out. And so I went. Anyhow, based on my research online, the route for the Labor Day protesters would be Quiapo Church then Liwasang Bonifacio then finally Mendiola. I was too late for Quiapo Church, so I went to Liwasang Bonifacio for their sortie/program. I spent around 2 hours taking pictures (several people were also there doing the same) under the summer sun; after which, I didn’t have enough energy to go to Mendiola X_X

In Liwasang Bonifacio (which was symbolically  the perfect place for them to gather since Andres Bonifacio represents their activist/revolutionary/laborer cause), the protesters talked about their request for a P125 increase in daily minimum wage, the oppression of activists by the Armed Forces, the lack of progress for workers under President Noy and his “US-Aquino” administration, and the plight of agricultural laborers in haciendas like Hacienda Luisita whose leaders were killed and whose land have yet to be distributed to them. This was through a program on a stage where they had speakers, singers and some international guests to take about the issues.

It was also made clear that Teddy Casino. the Senatiorial candidate, is their guy with all his supporters and the posters/merch around the place. The people were also very entranced when he took the stage, condemned the administration and charmingly pushed for them to vote for him in the coming elections this May 13. He vowed to push for their cause in the Senate. (According to Rappler, latest survey ranks him at 23rd-24th.)

Somehow, looking back, it also felt like a family event of sorts: little kids in their jeeps with their moms who wore partylist shirts and with stacks of activist materials, teens waiting around holding up banners and posters, and middle-aged men and women in front of the stage and reaffirming their cause.

MayoUno_14 MayoUno_15MayoUno_20MayoUno_04 MayoUno_05
MayoUno_03 MayoUno_06 MayoUno_07 MayoUno_08 MayoUno_09
MayoUno_13 MayoUno_10 MayoUno_11 MayoUno_12
MayoUno_18 MayoUno_17 MayoUno_19

For this random passerby, it was just be another opportunity to have his photo taken. And for what? I don’t know.
In a way, he might just represent most of us.


MANAOAG, PANGASINAN // Holy Saturday // 30 March 2013

Yesterday, Holy Saturday, I went with my mom, uncle, aunt and cousins to Our Lady of Manaoag in Pangasinan some 3-4 hours from Manila. I’ve been there with my mom for around 2-3 times before, but the last time was ages ago. I almost didn’t recognize the place because of the renovation of the church itself and the commercialization around the place. (A Shakey’s-on-wheels was just outside the church property X_X)

Anyway, human faith and church art, usually very ornate and colorful, are always interesting photo subjects, so it was well worth the drive (or sleep LOL). For the cover photo, I mixed 3 photos together (Our Lady of Manaoag, my cousin praying, and church interiors).  I’m quite happy with the output, so I think I’ll do some more of this in the future. BTW, I’ve decided to make many of the pics below black and white. I’ve come to some realization that color sometimes is too distracting for some types of photos; which types, I haven’t really wrapped my head around yet.

manaoag-pangasinan-002 manaoag-pangasinan-003 manaoag-pangasinan-004 manaoag-pangasinan-005 manaoag-pangasinan-006 manaoag-pangasinan-007
Didn’t know this. Apparently, saints’ statues are covered with cloth once Jesus “dies” on Holy Thursday. I think they unveil them again after Easter Sunday. Not sure.

The line to Our Lady of Manaoag.

One by one, people are given a chance to take a peek at and touch the Our Lady of Manaoag  statue. There’s this opening under that image of the Holy Mother. A cousin of mine saw a person holding pens; she deduced they were to be used for some professional/bar exam.

A woman wipes her hanky on the glass case of Santo Nino.

A woman inserts some letters (of wishes?) into the glass case of Santo Nino.

The hands of Church statues are usually very expressive, so I opted to take pics of them instead of the whole busts. These are my fave shots LOL! The one here is Mary Magdalene’s.

If I’m not mistaken, this is Joseph’s.

Pedro Calungsod statuettes for sale in the Church shop.

A super-kulit kid blowing the prayer candles.

Hmm. A sign by the middle of the candle area where a Mary statue and a fountain was.

manaoag-pangasinan-018 manaoag-pangasinan-019
A man with a statuette of Our Lady of Manaoag.

manaoag-pangasinan-020 manaoag-pangasinan-021